Kishi Bashi and Bohyun Yoon performing at the Glass Theater: Phantom


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The One Best Way To Do Work Video

Video + Glass: Student Work

Video + Glass: Optics of the Lens Ox-Bow, Session 1, 2013 Instructors: Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter TA: Kit Paulson

Video + Glass, Class Documentation

Video + Glass: Optics of the Lens Ox-Bow, Session 1, 2013 Instructors: Kim Harty and Charlotte Potter TA: Kit Paulson This course is designed to introduce and familiarize the properties of hot glass… Continue reading

Video + Glass: Open House Demo

Ox-Bow Open House Demo- Computer from Kimberly Harty on Vimeo.  

Spectral Cinema Process Shots

The One Best Way to Do Work

Kim Harty’s performance “The One Best Way To Do Work”  during the “Performance as Medium” Armory Arts Weekend event at Brooklyn Glass.  The performance featured movement and choreography by Kristen Mangione and glass… Continue reading

Anatomy of a Loom

Three Armory Arts Weekend Events!

AltDaily features video about The Glass Theater

AltDaily, Norfolk’s source for news, art, and culture just released this video about The Glass Theater:Phantom.  You can see documentation from the performances, as well as commentary from co-producers Kim Harty and Charlotte… Continue reading


Frank Gilbreth’s photographic studies of work

Photos from The Glass Theater: Phantom

Photos from The Glass Theater: Phantom. all photo credits belong to Echard Wheeler, unless otherwise noted.

Phantom is less than a week away!

The inaugural show of the Glass Theater is less than a week a way!  We are overwhelmed with the amount of talent that will be included in the Phantom show, so if you… Continue reading

PRESS RELEASE for The Glass Theater: Phantom

PRESS RELEASE The Glass Theater: A Cross-pollination of the Arts An evening of glass, illusion and sound. The Glass Theater is a theatrical space for invention, discovery, and experimentation.  Using the Chrysler Museum… Continue reading

The Glass Theater: Phantom

The definition of phantom is two fold, it may refer to a ghost, the manifestation of the soul of a deceased person, or alternatively an illusion, or distortion of the senses.  The phantom… Continue reading

Time and Motion Studies: hot glass performance at Ignite Studio

SAIC Open Studios – The Fourth Dimension of Measuring Skill

Boundary Range at SOFA

Photos are courtesy of Amy Lemaire