Lace Images


Boundary Range Process Shots

Boundary Range (2012) was created as a demonstration piece at ISU Bloomington Normal, in conjunction with the show “Tradition in Flux: Studio Glass at 50” which featured my Trash(2012) piece.  This piece take… Continue reading

Bubble Landscape Photos/Video

Bubble Landscape (2012), is documentation of the result of an experimental performance where the artist creates a grid of bubbles in the beam of the projector.   A horizontal swatch of light is projected through… Continue reading

Bubble Distortion Videos

Bubble Projection Experiments

Parachute Install

These photos document anexperiment, attempting to use the large parachute forms to alter the geometry of a prescribed space.

You do not need to leave your room.

You do not need to leave your room. Remain sitting at your table and listen. Do not even listen, simply wait, be quiet still and solitary. The world will freely offer itself to… Continue reading

Dust Projection Set Up

Projection Experiments with Window Dust

Networktopia Process Shots

Networktopia Process Video

Networktopia was created over the course of 2 days in the Chrysler Museum Hot Shop. It was constructed by dripping glass strings to create a layered topography, which was then sliced into two… Continue reading

Oh Ghost of Ox – Bow

Will the open house rock tonight? Ask the Ghost of Ox-Bow from Kimberly Harty on Vimeo.

Images from “Toledo Workshop Revisited” exhibited at ISU in “Tradition in Flux: 50 Years of Studio Glass”

Inspirational Images Collage

Video made in adobe director, linking images from my “inspiration” folder through animation. It links images of space flight, disaster, imagination and feminine beauty. Some of the images included are – Robert Rausenberg… Continue reading


Spring Critique Install

Attempt to make a wave w/ kenetic machine

Attempt to make a wave from Kimberly Harty on Vimeo.

Toledo Workshop Revisited Video

Toledo Workshop Revisited from Kimberly Harty on Vimeo. See more on my artist site

Final Images of Lattice Mountain

Edward Muybridge and the motion of dresses, birds and umbrellas